Why Modular Kitchen

This feature will highly appeal to renters because the module system allows the whole kitchen to be shifted whenever you move. You can also get it repaired or altered again for the new space. This option is fairly pleasing, as in India, your old mason/carpenter-built kitchen never offered this convenience.

All the modules in a modular kitchen are tailored to your available space, your usage, your requirements, demands as well as your budget. This kitchen is custom in the truest sense – even with the kinds of materials and finishes available for the exterior.

Modular shelves are a real space saver in even the smallest of apartments. Some modular shelves are designed to hang on doors; some can utilize even the most cramped corners, whereas one can convert even the narrowest spaces into a jar rack.

In India, the commonplace practice was to get your kitchen cabinets made by a carpenter at home. And god knows how many days of patience it took. Modular kitchen are manufactured in factories and hence saves you the trouble at home. Post your order, they can be delivered in 3-4 weeks and be installed without almost any effort and time. This is a major factor that draws people towards a modular kitchen, apart from its chic contemporary design.

In India, not all of us maybe well-versed with hi-tech appliances or use them often, but the modular kitchen sure provides a feature to fit-in many of them, as part of the design. This is a departure from keeping our shelves busy with appliances. Clearly, it is another way of decluttering.

Modular kitchen designs, even in India, take care of details like storing the most commonly used items in near reach as compared to the ones used rarely. The design also divides your kitchen up, functionally not visually, into separate cooking, cleaning etc. areas. This contributes majorly to the efficacy of the kitchen for anyone who cooks in it.

Why Us?

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We are imaginative and excellent problem solvers

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We have a great team of experts with a lot of experience

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Carpenter Vs. Modular Kitchen

Design Options Limited options, depending on the carpenter’s resources
Minimal design alternatives. Designing if done, is very restricted
Infinite customized solutions
Innumerable component options, both Indian and Imported
Finish Hand-made, and thus lacks precision, finish and quality World-class looks, top-of-the-line quality and precise finishing
Planning & Design Lacks the know-how of space management
You have little or no control on the final product
Designed by professional designers, specializing in kitchens.You can see and modify the design before final execution
Durability No guarantee
Depends on the efficiency of the carpenter
One year warranty on most components.
Complete delivery with installation in less than 20 days (average)
Time Span Both fabrication and assembling is done onsite,
Installaion takes time and your home look like workshop
All units produced at the factory’s premises and only assembled at home.
Installation time required is less than 4 days onsite and very hassle-free
After-Sales Service Non-existent and after-sales service is very troublesome
In terms of money spend – a cheaper option.
Available for a specified period of time & Service Contract are available
Cost-effectiveness Convenience and looks deteriorate over usage,
It means, more money spent on servicing
Great looks, excellent space management, Almost no maintenance means highly cost-effective.
 Space Management Cannot be adapted to accommodate specific space and storage Well-planned storage needs and optimized space management
 Range of Accessories Limited options for internal accessories Wide range of accessories available from Local and imported materials
 Pricing Normal and it depends upon the carpenter if one considers relative value over quality and durability the cost difference will be marginal and insignificant
 Design Involvement limitation is there for design involvement Detailed study of cooking routines, storage requirements and preferred style allows for highly customized recommendations
Replacements Replacements are not possible Infinite customized solutions
Customized Budgeting Can’t fix the budget and it may fluctuate
Restricted to material available in local market
Replacements are easily available.
The varied range of materials and design possibilities enables the provision of precise budgeting
Raw Material Option Handmade and options are very less
Local Hardware and use conventional type of hardware
No restriction in Raw Materials .
Different option available with factory made shutters
Design Options Limited options, depending on the carpenter’s resources
Minimal design alternatives. Designing if done, is very restricted
Infinite customized solutions.
Innumerable component options, both Indian and Imported
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Get Free Consultancy !