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Stylish clothes deserve stylish storage, so treat yours to a stunning new wardrobe from our fantastic range. We’ve got plenty of great pieces to choose from, we’re sure to find something that looks great in your bedroom, whether you prefer the old-school glamour of traditional pine paneling, or love contemporary design with a high gloss finish and chrome handles. And you’ll find the perfect size from small single-door wardrobes to roomy five-door wardrobes, with clever storage solutions like split-level rails and extra shelving. The wardrobe is one of the most essential furniture items in any home. Wardrobes are one of the most used pieces of furniture in your home and you should ensure that your wardrobe is not only functional but it also matches your style and elegance. We bring you a guide to choose the perfect wardrobe for your home, which will cover almost every aspect of wardrobes, that is, we will tell you about the types, shutter finishes, add-ons, and the storage accessories, to help you make an informed decision.

Wardrobe Types

Stand Alone Wardrobe

Preferred to the floor rather than the wall. If you need a budgeted one then this is the perfect choice for you. However, you will need to leave enough space in the room as this type requires a certain amount of space. It can be moved around the house or from room to room. The most common free-standing wardrobes come in a wood finish although there are also plenty of metal and plastic options on the market.

Wardrobe Types

Built In Wardrobes

A fitted wardrobe is a customised unit that is usually built by the carpenter or decor contractor after taking detailed measurements of your wall. It covers the entire breadth of the wall ensuring that you have ample space for all your personal belongings. While getting this wardrobe constructed, you can customize the design and storage styles inside it according to what all you need to store. However, this can be an expensive option and there is very little scope for alternations as once fitted into the walls, it is a permanent solution.

Wardrobe Types

Sliding door Wardrobe

Many homeowners today prefer a sliding door wardrobe that is built into tiny alcoves in the room. This is a great way to utilise empty corners. Additionally, sliding doors mean that you save a great amount of space.

Wardrobe Types

Walk In Closets

Considered as a symbol of luxury where a small room or a spare room is converted into a closet with shelves, storage as well as chairs and often a dressing table. A large bedroom can also be converted into a walk in closet with the help of sliding doors or a room divider.

Wardrobe Types

L-shaped wardrobe

The best option to utilize the corner of a room, a space which mostly goes waste is by incorporating. L-Shaped wardrobe. Kids’ bedroom or a small room is an excellent space for such wardrobes; especially your kid’s room will prove a suitable place as Corner Wardrobes are small in size and offer a comparatively less amount of storage. Sliding Doors adds an element of style. Moreover, sliding doors save space quite efficiently. L-shaped wardrobes offer a wide variety of options regarding materials, designs and styles.

Wardrobe Types

Hinged Door Wardrobe

Hinged doors are incorporated to open these traditional types of wardrobes. This is easy on installation and is also easy to open with a mere pull. A Hinged Door may also have built-in space within the door so as to keep small things such as neckties, small containers, etc. These wardrobes have different options in terms of colour and finish. The shortcoming of a Hinged Door wardrobe is that in the bedroom, where the hinged door is near the bed, the space that the open door needs to cover can become a bit of a problem. However, if space is not an issue, then you can happily go for it.

The body of the wardrobe is efficiently pre-laminated to make them more durable. The shutters for these wardrobes are of many types, of which the following are examples:

  • Mirror Shutters
    Mirror shutters serve as an extremely useful purpose, in the sense that you can look at yourself to see how you are looking in the outfit you try on. An added benefit is that these shutters will make your room look a lot bigger than it is as they add an element of spaciousness; in case you are in need of something that fulfils that purpose.
  • Acrylic Shutters
    These shutters have an attractive look that is typical of modern style, and does not compromise with the aesthetic quality. Its appears quite smooth to the eye and comes in attractive colours among which you can choose one to suit the rest of your decor.
  • Lacquered Glass Shutter
    The appearance of Lacquered Glass – glass whose one side is coated with lacquer – is opaque and coloured. Lacquer makes the glass humidity resistant and more durable, and proves a better option than using glass paints. Lacquered glass is an impeccable choice for wardrobe shutters, blending together elegance and modernity.
  • Laminated High Gloss Shutter
    These shutters are made with laminates that have a high glossy quality, and usually do not peel off. The laminations make the material highly durable. These kind of shutters are quite easy on maintenance.
  • PU Shutters
    If you are a person who loves the modern, contemporary look to the core, then PU Shutters are what you are looking for. These shutters that meld in with your modern decor extremely well, look highly appealing and will instantly impress your guests, as along with gorgeous looks they also add an element of richness which comes from their high-class appearance. Another credit to this type is that the finish is so strong that it cannot be broken.
  • Laminated Glass Shutters
    Laminated glass gains merit in the fact that it is high on safety, as it holds together even after it is shattered, rather than falling apart into large pieces that are sharp and hence dangerous. Hence, this is the perfect choice if you wish for glass shutters that are not always in th danger of getting cracked.
  • Add-Ons for Your Wardrobe
    A unique concept of remarkably utilizing the space above the main frame of your wardrobe is to have an arrangement for extra storage in that space. The top of your wardrobe can have a loft to store the not-so-frequently-used materials. The objects that you might otherwise feel are just consuming precious space without being used much, can all be stored in the loft above your wardrobe.

  • Trouser Hanging Rail
    Can be placed in every wardrobe, so that your trousers, jeans, and other clothing can stay organized. It would be better is your Trouser Hanging Rail is in the form of a sliding rail that is used as a support for trouser hangers, as it will help you a hundred times more. Additionally, it is even better if this rail with trouser hangers is a sliding one that you can pull out when you need to take out any trouser; this way you will be able to avoid putting your head inside the wardrobe which we know is quite inconvenient.
  • Tie Hanging Rail
    The best way to arrange your tie hanging rail seems to be that it be fixed inside the wardrobe on the rear end, as then you will not need to especially look for a separate location for it. Moreover, small sized objects such as the tie need to be fixed somewhere so that they do not get intermingled with other things in your wardrobe.
  • Pull-out Baskets
    Space under your wardrobe shelves can be utilised by Pull Out baskets. Small baskets can be kept wherever the space beneath any shelf is empty. You can pull out these baskets to take out or place inside any stuff that is not large in size.
  • Pull-down Hanger Rail
    When the clothes  you need are stored at the higher levels of your wardrobe, you might have difficulty getting them down from the rail on which they are hung. The Pull-down Hanger Rail is what you need. Place this on the higher levels as it is fitted with a mechanism that lets you bring it down to your level of ease and then it can be equally easily restored back to its position.
  • Shoe Racks
    For optimum usage of your wardrobe space and in case you do not have a separate rack for your shoes , a shoe rack is another thing you can install.  If you want to display your proud shoe collection then there is no need of doors in the same.
  • Ironing Board
    It’s a bit surprising to know but Ironing Board can also be fitted inside your wardrobe.

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The right wardrobe will blend style and function. A great way to make sure it works with the rest of the room is to match it to your bed. If you have a pale wooden bed frame, keep the room light with a wooden or white-painted pine wardrobe. With metal bedframes choose from black gloss, white gloss, or glass wardrobes to create a chic, minimalist style. It’s also important to think about how much space you have. If you want to share closet space with your partner, choose a wardrobe with two or more doors, while for a small room, pick mirrored doors to free up wall space.



ustomize your wardrobe from our range of gorgeous finishes completing your interiors. Choose from a selection of matte, glossy and textured laminates, acrylic, membrane or polymer finishes in a range of stunning hues. Alternatively, you can go for contemporary style mirrored or glass doors — available in silver, bronze, smoked frosted and plain options. Every single corner is engineered to beauty for a look that will stay in style for decays.












We are a team of highly experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds (interior design, wardrobe, kitchen manufacturing & consulting), thus bringing the best in each and every work we deliver. Our mentor Mr. Arun kumar Jain has over 25 years of experience in wood industry, furniture manufacturing, wardrobe & kitchen manufacturing. Our mission is to understand, satisfy, design and deliver the best kitchen



Wardrobes have taken up an entirely new look. They have undergone so much transformation that these modular wardrobes now contribute to the entire look of the house. These modular closets or wardrobes give the home a refined appearance and add to its organized look. The closets are the right answer to the space management issue. With homes getting cozier and smaller in the urban areas, these wardrobes are a good idea. These modern closets have been built wall to wall and feature many shelves and drawers to accommodate all your belongings. The wardrobes have carefully planned racks and shelves that will adjust all the stuff. It is well built over a large space featuring rods for hangers, shelves and lockers too.

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