About Wardrobes


Built to be exceptionally durable and long lasting, Artndoff wardrobes are all crafted from high grade raw materials. From the body and doors down to hardware fixtures, every component of your wardrobe is of the very best quality. Our well informed designers will help you select the right combination of materials based on your special budget and requirements.

Wardrobe Body

Wardrobe Door



If you are looking for the perfect hardware fixtures for your wardrobe, you need to make sure that they are built from galvanized steel which makes the steel more durable and also keeps it away from rusting and corrosion. Some of the hardware fixtures can also be coated with nickel or chrome to provide your wardrobe a great look.

Inside Storage

The insides of your wardrobe is called the inside storage and this can comprise of either fixed shelves, pull out shelves, drawers or clothes rails or they can comprise of a combination of them alongside a lock chamber that can protect your semi precious things from thievery.

Masculine Wardrobe

Wardrobes for men are definitely different from the ones that women have and should have a myriad sections that can store their shirts, pants, suits as well as accessories in a neat and orderly fashion in drawers, shelves and rails which makes it easier for them to retrieve them at short notice.

Feminine Wardrobe

Wardrobes for women are completely different as that compared to men’s wardrobes due to their complex nature and if you are choosing a feminine wardrobe you need to ascertain that there are shelves for your innerwear, rails to hang your long dresses and shoe racks for your plethora of shoes.

Spouse Wardrobe

If you are a married couple and do not mind sharing your wardrobe with your spouse, then you need to make sure that all the necessary shelves, racks, rails and necessary drawers are in place along with ample space for holding all the clothes of you and your spouse.

Kids Wardrobe

When it comes to kids, you need to have a gigantic wardrobe that helps you store all their clothes and thus you need to make sure that you choose wardrobes that have large storing spaces along with a huge number of drawers and racks to store their clothes and shoes.

Modern Utility Accessories

If you are looking for improving your existing wardrobe or purchasing a new one, you need to make sure that they have features that include wardrobe lifts, baskets and racks that take advantage of the maximum space available in the wardrobe and help in maintaining the order of your clothes and accessories.

Contemporary Pullouts

If you are looking to make your closet more efficient, you are definitely looking for contemporary pullouts that offer you the choice of hanging your clothes on them when they are pulled out and maximize space when they are pulled down in your closet which is available in aluminum for light weight rods.

  • Watch Pull out
  • Tie Storage
  • Belt Storage
  • Cuff-link Case
  • Bracelets

Shoe Racks

Packing your shoes out on a shoe stand is a long gone trend and you need to have an embedded shoe rack right in your closet that protects all your expensive shoe wear from dust. There is a multitude of different types of shoe racks that are available for your designer shoe wear.

  • Single Shelf
  • Double Shelves
  • Casuals

Box Rack

If you ever have to organize any kind of trinkets, bracelets, watches and your purse, you surely need to get a box rack for your small belongings because these small items can be misplaced easily and you need a good box rack is made up of wood with open and close boxes that is finished off with PVC for protection.

Pull Down Rod

You can get a pull down rod if you want to save on space since these rods can be pulled up and down when the need arises for hanging out clothes which also helps you in maximizing the total space of your wardrobe. Aluminum rods are the perfect fit as your pull down rod since they are so light weight.


The hinged, lift and maxi lift are the three forms of lofts that you can avail for your wardrobe and this is an important aspect of your wardrobe since the loft is the place where you will store all your unused or lesser important stuff which you do not use frequently.

Door Type

There are basically three types of door that you can choose for your wardrobe depending on the nature and the size of the wardrobe which includes swinging doors, sliding doors and folding doors of which you will find that the swinging doors are frequently used due to the strength and balance it offers to the wardrobe.

  • Normal open
  • Sliding
  • Corner
  • Fusion
  • Folding
  • Bison

Door Panel

Choose from a plethora of door panel choices that include plain panels, glass panels, mirror panels or framed panels or you can make a combination of the two to produce a flawless mirror that is close to perfection brings about subtle beauty to the exterior part of your wardrobe.


Choose from a wide range of handles to fit your perfectly designed wardrobes which definitely need to be made from either steel or aluminum so that it is protected from rust and corrosion or alternatively you can use nickel or chrome for protecting it from the atmospheric hazards.


The wardrobes need emanate boldness, vivid colors that is topped with the perfect finish which should definitely reflect your exquisite taste in color and material used for the whole wardrobe which includes the cabinet, countertop and the backsplash finishes. There are a whole lot of wood patterns that are available to choose from when it comes to the finishes.


Your wardrobe is not complete if you do not add any interior touches to your cabinet which includes a whole variety of hand selected range of finishes from textile to wooden textures that will go with any of your wardrobe specifications and will bring about the boldness in the wardrobe.

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